Trainers upgrade skills as training in automobile technology ends profitably at IPRC Ngoma

The trainers from different Technical and Vocational Schools across the country on March 08,2019 completed a training in automobile technology, the training facilitated by master trainers from BBS Germersheim, a German technical school in partnership with IPRC Ngoma.

The training was conducted from March 4. The trainers upgraded skills for making their training career reach higher level in the domain of automobile technology.

 In technical jargon, they were trained in car sensors simulation and testing, engine review measuring of tolerances Renault, volks wagen automatic gearbox disassembling and assembling.

The training also covered fault memory selection and troubleshooting diagnose with Gutman Megamacs 66, BMW rear axle brake pads change, working with measuring instrument.

The trained were the trainers in automobile technology/mechanics from different TVET schools including IPRC Karongi (West of Rwanda), IPRC Kigali, Sake TVET School (East of Rwanda), among others.

Trainers  in automobile technology

The Principal of IPRC Ngoma Dipl.-Ing. Ephrem Musonera who was appreciative of the trainees' participation in the training, expressed his gratitude to those who played different roles in organizing and conducting the training.  

Dipl.-Ing. Musonera said the training was a stepping stone and an important milestone in upgrading trainers' skills geared to advancing TVET in Rwanda.

He went on to say that IPRC Ngoma and partners, especially BBS Germersheim were working to expand the partnership so as to offer training in other domains apart from automobile technology.

The Principal of BBS Germersheim Dipl.-Ing. Rainer Sprotte reiterated that basing on the discussion held the day before with the Vice Chancellor of Rwanda Polytechnic Dr. James Gashumba, he was confident that the expansion of partnership will be feasible and yield great results.

The Principal of BBS Geemersheim and the principal of IPRC Ngoma Dipl.Ing. Ephrem Musonera met with the Vice Chancellor of Rwanda Polytechic, Dr. James Gashumba

Dipl.-Ing. Sprotte expressed gratitude to IPRC Ngoma for the leading role in organizing the training.

Being at the fifth year of partnership with IPRC Ngoma, BBS Germersheim has sent previously master trainers to facilitate similar trainings.

On behalf of the trained trainers, Jean Marie Vianney Habimana, an instructor in automobile technology from IPRC Gishari said the training was profitable and the acquired skills will benefit TVET system in general.

''We assure you that we are able to deliver what we gained here in terms of hands-on skills to the Rwandan people,'' he said, ''

Habimana  requested that  future training benefit a bigger number of trainees for carrying on boosting TVET in Rwanda.

The head of Mechanical Engineering Department at IPRC Ngoma Edmond Nicolas Tuyisenge said the training was an opportunity to create network and share experiences between trainees from different TVET schools in Rwanda.


Tuyisenge went on to say also that the training became for some trainers an occasion  of filling  the gap in practical experience in some subjects like volkswagen automatic gearbox disassembling and assembling.