For Immediate Release


Kigali, 21 March 2019



 Rwanda Polytechnic (RP) is holding its second Graduation Ceremony on Thursday, March 21, 2019 with 2,088 graduating students to be awarded Diploma and Advanced Diploma after completing studies in different programs in academic year 2017/2018 in Eight constituent colleges of RP.

The Graduation Ceremony to take place at IPRC Kigali Stadium from 9: 00 am, will be attended by the graduands and their families among other invited guests, and graced by high ranking government officials.

RP has eight constituent colleges designated as ''Integrated Polytechnic Regional Colleges'' (IPRCs) which are: IPRC Karongi, IPRC Kitabi, IPRC Tumba, IPRC Musanze, IPRC Ngoma, IPRC Huye, IPRC Kigali and IPRC Gishali.

The graduands will be awarded Advanced Diploma & Diploma certificates in different fields like Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Information and Communication Technology, Hospitality Management, among others.

The total number of graduands is 2,088, females are 464 while males are 1624.

The Vice Chancellor of RP Dr. James Gashumba said RP takes seriously the responsibility of training and equipping the young people with professional skills for the current and emerging labour market and updating of their skills in an ever-changing technological era. We also enhance their capacity for lifelong learning and good citizenship.”

Established in 2017, with its mission being to provide quality education that complies with applicable standards through vocational education that enables the beneficiary to acquire skills required to create jobs and compete in the labour market, RP has produced skilled graduates who are able to create their own jobs or are employed in the private sector or public service.

Rwanda Polytechnic held its maiden graduation ceremony on June 28, 2018, with a total number of 1,882 graduates.


During the ceremony, prizes will be given to the best performing students from each colleges and to the overall best female and to best project.

RP wants to create an environment and community where young people flourish through a competency-based teaching and assessment (CBT/CBA) system; a dual system which allows students ample industrial exposure, a work apprenticeship program, and an active entrepreneurship system involving producing real products for the “Made in Rwanda” market in our workshops and business incubation centres.

RP wants the profile of a Rwanda Polytechnic graduate to be defined by a high work ethic, professionalism, good citizenship and aspiring to the highest standards.