Over 500 graduated in Hairdressing

Kigali, on this May 16th 2019, Rwanda Polytechnic and Suisse Development Cooperation through Swiss contact organized a certification awarding ceremony of 525 hairdressers operating in various saloons in Kigali who were assessed in the field of the Hairdressing from 24th January to 26th February 2019.

Dr. Valentine Uwamariya, Deputy Vice in Charge of Training, Institutional Development & Research who presided over the ceremony gave her heartleaf thanks to Suiss contact, assessors and Rwanda Beauty Makers Association (BMA) for assessing 525 hairdressers and said that the certificates will play a significance in their lives and in the country’s development.

She said that the government of Rwanda intend to increase the number of Rwandans who get TVET Certificates through Recognition of Prior Learning- RPL. She expressed that many Rwandans perform well their job but there are no certificates to prove that they have these practical skills.

“Many Rwandans do well their job but they don’t have certificates to prove that they know it. That’s why this program of Recognition of Prior Learning- RPL will increase the number of Rwandans who get TVET Certificates in many different trades” Dr. Valentine Uwamariya said.

Moreover, Dr. Valentine Uwamariya said that Rwanda Polytechnic will continue to provide certicates & curriculum with aim of decreasing the number of unemployment especially in youth.

She also told the hairdressers to make their profession more competent and truthful, and able to look for job at the international level.

Graduates were awarded a formal qualification equivalent to theRTQF-Level 1 in two trades namely: Hair cutting (Barberry) and Braiding. The assessment initiative was implemented in collaboration with the Private Sector Federation- PSF through the Beauty Makers Association- BMA

The program of Recognition of Prior Learning- RPL started from 2014, and up to now 13.800 have got certificates in Masonry, 1000 in carpentry, over 200 in Automobile mechanics and 525 in Hairdressing.


Sophie / PRO