IPRC Ngoma Open Day draws scores of visitors and raises TVET awareness


IPRC Ngoma on May 15, 2019 held an Open Day that drew a large number of visitors  namely residents in Ngoma district, students , and the guests including religious leaders. On the same day, IPRC Ngoma  awarded the winners of the  Innovation Competition.

During the Open Day, the visitors  toured the workshops  to get introduction to different trades and training delivery. They visited also some innovations made in responsive to some population needs.

 IPRC Ngoma students and staff come up with innovative projects that are eligible to be business ideas and come in as responses to some development challenges facing local population and humanity in general.

The Open Day was geared towards raising awareness of TVET by showcasing its benefits and exhibiting different innovations of IPRC Ngoma.

Not only local residents, but also the students from secondary schools and pupils from primary schools visited IPRC Ngoma to learn about TVET.

The Principal of IPRC Ngoma Dipl,-Ing. Ephrem Musonera said the Open Day paved the way for higher enrollment in TVET as the visitors understood the benefits of taking up technical education and vocational training

 '' We wanted to open doors to the residents of Ngoma so that they can understand very well what is IPRC Ngoma, how they can acquire vocational skills and use them in making a living and create own jobs, and to provide any other information about TVET.''

Dipl.-Ing. Musonera said that the graduates from IPRC Ngoma are employed throughout the country and the majority of them get employment in short time.

 The ''IPRC Ngoma Graduate Tracer Survey'' of last year showed that the employer satisfaction for IPRC Ngoma graduates is at 75%.

'' This is an encouragement in carrying on advancing technical education and vocational training.

Dr. Valentine Uwamariya, Deputy Vice in Charge of Training, Institutional Development & Research at Rwanda Polytechnic (RP) stressed the importance of the Open Day in raising awareness of TVET, saying it will bear fruits.

''You see the large number of students from different secondary schools and pupils from primary schools coming here to learn about TVET. They will base on this experience to take up technical education and vocational training and this will help them make the right choices,'' she said.

One of the visitors Valens Habiyaremye from Kibungo sector, Ngoma district said the Open Day provided opportunity for him to get explanations about everything he wanted to know about TVET as it was difficult to get full explanations using external channels. ''

The Open Day overlapped with the ceremony of awarding the winners of the Innovation Competition which is an annual activity.

Twenty innovative projects entered the competition, the best five were awarded.

The best innovative project was that of ‘'Multipurpose Stove'', a stove designed for multipurpose use. It is used at the same for cooking, boiling water or roosting. It uses sawdust and is cost-effective compared to using wood, charcoals and gas.

 Other projects awarded were: ''Agri-Rwanda Web App'' a website application for marketing and selling agricultural produce; ‘'Banana Juice Extractor Machine'' that provides a safe and efficient method of extracting and filtering banana juice.

Another project among the best five was  ''Manufacturing of WPN Board made in Plant Chips and Timber Chips'' which will minimize the number of trees cut for purpose of timbering. This has advantages like reduction of waste plant matters in many places, job creation, environmental protection, among others.

Another awarded innovation is ''Manual Seed Planting Machine''. This machine  provides an important  improvement in seed planting by reducing time and energy consumption because it can plant two lines of maize at once and three lines of beans or soya at once.  It is  simple as it does not need  a skilled user. It is affordable and easy to be maintained. 

The Principal of IPRC Ngoma Dipl.-Ing. Musonera said that the College has registered tremendous achievements in advancing technical education and vocational training.

Citing some of the recent achievements, he mentioned the commendable  role in implementation of the National Employment Program (NEP), producing skilled graduates competent on the labor market, piloting dual training which  enhanced the private sector involvement in skills development, among other achievements.

Dipl.-Ing. Musonera said the College will keep on fostering innovations among the students of IPRC Ngoma.