Rwanda Polytehnic Strategic Plan for 5 years Validated

On 28th June 2019, at Hotel Villa Portofino Rwanda Polytechnic in collaboration with USAID Huguka Dukore - Akazi Kanoze Project, JICA and KOICA, and other partners validated its Strategic Plan for 5 years (2019-2024).


As a newly established Government Institution with the mandate to oversee the delivery of TVET in the country, Rwanda Polytechnic has initiated the development of its five-year strategic plan (2019-2024) that will guide the TVET implementation.


Addressing to the media Dr. James Gashumba, the Vice Chancellor of Rwanda Polytechnic said that they want to drive away the negative perception about TVET Schools and make them more attractive especially to young Rwandans People.


“ In Rwanda as well as in Africa , we used to look down TVVET Schools where students strive for going to Universities and those who don’t have chance to attend universities , they prefer to go to TVET Schools,, but it is wrong perception. No country can reach to the development without having many people who attend TVET Schools” Dr. James Gashumba said


He further expressed that, in developing countries, people who are rich, have good houses and cars are the one who have attended the TVET Schools. He added that the government of Rwanda strives for providing a quality education that complies with applicable standard through vocational education that enables beneficiary to acquire skills required to create jobs and compete on the labor market.


Dr. Marie Christine Gasingirwa, Director General of Science, Technology and Research at Ministry of Education stressed that there is a need of hanging perception of youth about TVET.She added that we cannot promote Made in Rwanda without having students who acquire skills from TVET.


The strategic plan will over 12 Strategic Objectives namely: Legislative, Regulatory, and Policy Framework; Oversight and Governance; Curriculum; Teaching and Learning; Student Support; Infrastructure and Resources; Information and Statistics; Perception of TVET; Access Human Resource Development; Applied Research and Development; Partnership and Management.


The purpose of this plan is to ensure that Rwanda Polytechnic is progressing with clear objectives and guiding strategy. Following this five-years plan, annual plans may be created by Rwanda Polytechnic that corresponds to the five –year strategy. It is imperative to form this strategic plan now as the government of Rwanda has set up a target of 60% of nine years’ basic education graduated to be absorbed in TVET sector. Successfully following this plan will ensure the vision of providing quality education complies with applicable standards that enables beneficiaries to acquire the skills necessary required to create jobs and compete in the labor market.

The impact expected from successfully following the Rwanda Polytechnic Strategic Plan is to ensure Rwandan citizens have sufficient and appropriate skills, competences, knowledge, and attitudes to drive the continued social and economic transformation of the country and to be competitive in the global market in the area of TVET.