A welcome note by the Vice Chancellor, Dr James Gashumba

Welcome to Rwanda Polytechnic (RP) official Website.

RP is only recently created (in May 2017) and its vision is to provide quality education that complies with international standards through technical and vocational educational training that enables the beneficiary to acquire skills required to create jobs and compete in the labor market.

RP is made up of eight Integrated Polytechnic Regional Colleges (IPRCs), at least one IPRC in each province and the City of Kigali, plus an institute, the Rwanda TVET Trainer Institute which is dedicated to training the teachers and instructors both in educational institutions and industry in order to deliver on high standards of hands-on skills development through a competency-based training and assessment program.

Rwanda is going through a rapid socio-economic transformation such that the skills to cope with this development must be availed quickly and efficiently. RP has been created to deliver on this goal by empowering existing structural entities by harnessing both local and global resources. We are mindful that a lot is expected of RP, especially considering the past and continuing investment by government in good, modern infrastructure for the TVET sector. This infrastructure positions RP right in the centre of the evolution of Rwandan economy to a knowledge-based and ICT-driven economy. RP is determined to create an environment and community where young people flourish through a competency-based teaching and assessment; an industrial or work apprenticeship program, and an active entrepreneurship system involving producing real products for the “Made in Rwanda” market  in our well-equipped workshops and business incubation centres. We want the profile of a Rwanda Polytechnic graduate to be defined by a high work ethic, professionalism, good citizenship and aspiring to the highest standards.

If you are a prospective student or a parent investigating the possibilities for their son or daughter, or a potential employer in the private sector, or an international potential partner, I welcome you to peruse our evolving website, which we shall continue to adapt to our local needs and to regional and global perspectives. Please interact with us either digitally on the website, or pay us a visit at our headquarter office at the IPRC Kigali campus on the main road Kigali-Bugesera, near the Kicukiro District offices.

I am excited about the possibilities, notwithstanding the challenges; I know that there is a lot of goodwill from all our stakeholders, because a lot is at stake for the development of our economy as we enter the digital era. Come, let us together embrace the vision and get to work.