The Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Administration and Finance – Dr. Aimable Nsabimana

Dr. Aimable NSABIMANA is currently serving as The Deputy Vice Chancellor of Administration and Finance (DVC-A&F) at Rwanda Polytechnic (RP), a higher learning institution dedicated to train highly skilled dynamic workforce in technical and vocational programs. RP has eight Integrated Polytechnic Regional Colleges (IPRCs)  across the country. Prior to the current position, Dr. Aimable has been a Researcher and Lecturer at the University of Rwanda (UR), College of Business and Economics in the department of Economics. He has been full time lecturer of the following courses: Econometrics, Quantitative Impact Evaluation Method and Microeconomics at both Bachelor and Postgraduate levels. 
Dr. Aimable is an Economist by training and has more than 11 years in academia. He graduated with PhD degree in Economics from SLU, Uppsala, Sweden in 2018; Msc in Economics from Wageningen University, the Netherlands in 2013 and Bachelor degree of Business-Economics with Education (BEE) from UR-CE in 2009.  

In addition, Dr. Aimable is highly skilled in policy evaluation which can allow him to undertake effective monitoring and performance of the public projects. Related to this, he has over the past years been actively involved in research on human capital development in Rwanda. Some of his research projects in this space include evaluating Rwanda’s flagship Home Grown School Feeding Program, evaluating the effects of malaria on student performance, RCT in Reading Lights for Primary School Children, Sustainable Health and Learning Cities and Neighbourhoods, Farming Policy and development in Rwanda and the role of credit constraints on educational investments in Rwanda.

His research interests cut across Development and Applied Economics & Spatial Econometrics. Specifically, Aimable is an expert in using household survey data, including Living Standards Measurement Study-Integrated Surveys on Agriculture (LSMS-ISA), to analyse welfare effects of different interventions and policies. Aimable has received various research & fellowship opportunities, including Research Visiting Scholar at UNU-WIDER, Helsinki, Finland and Research Visiting fellow at University of California, Berkeley under EASST-CGEA funded projects.