Ag. Deputy Vice Chancellor in Charge of Training, Institutional Development & Research

 Rita holds Masters of ICT, a post graduate diploma in Managerial and Control of MIS and a BSc in Electromechanical Engineering. She has worked with different institutions mainly involved in Education and Engineering projects.

 In 2009 she joined KIST where she worked on different project in ICT in education and later she joined academic department and taught courses related to Electronics and Electrical engineering at College of Science and Technology (former KIST). In 2013, she worked as Energy national consultant with UNIDO, working on Energy efficiencyprojects within industries in Rwanda

She was selected among the first cohot of TechWomen in 2013 in Silicon Valley, USA where she worked on projects related to Energy efficiency and Renewable energy at PG&E company.

When back home after the Silicon Valley experience, she and other TechWomen alumnae initiated different projects dedicated to encourage and inspire girls, Women and Youth to be next leaders in STEM through different STEM hand-on activities.

In 2014, she was appointed by the Cabinet as a Vice-Principal in charge of Academics and Training at one of Polytechnics (IPRC East) as the first woman to hold that position and later in the year 2018, she became the Principal of IPRC (Integrated Polytechnic Regional Colleges) of Tumba, a renowned institution in fostering ICT and Renewable Energy use and recently appointed as the Ag DVC in charge of Training, Institutional Development and Research at Rwanda Polytechnic.

Rita is a STEM Mentor, motivational speaker and also a member of many women empowerment organizations such as Career Women Network in Kigali, RAWISE a Rwandan Association of Women in Science and Engineering, she serves on Steering commitee of Wire ( Women in Rwanda Energy), and others such as Institute of Engineers in Rwanda ( IER) as well as OWSD( The Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World)

Married with two daughters, she loves crafting, travelling, discovering new people and places, reading and shopping.