MINEDUC awards the best innovations and practices in schools

The Ministry of Education in collaboration with affiliated Agencies and Education Sector Development Partners have awarded the best innovations and best practices in schools.

The awarded innovations were identified during the Quality of Education Enhancement Awareness Campaigns that take place every 3 months since February 2018.

The showcasing and awarding ceremony which was held under the theme “Promotion of Innovation and Best Practices to enhance Quality Education” took place on 6th September 2019 at MINEDUC garden Premises.

The objective of this initiative is to promote the culture of innovation and creativity in education, in schools, motivate and recognize students, teachers, head teachers Sector Education Officers’ efforts and other stakeholders involved in advancing education policies and programmes at grass root level.

The ministry awarded the students who have come up with innovations together with their trainers, the best practices featured in some schools that contribute to implementation of Competence Based Curriculum (CBC/CBT); Outstanding performing Teachers; Head Teachers; Sector Education Inspectors.

The awards include three motorcyles, eight TV screens, 16 tablets and smart phones, two cows, scholastic materials, tickets for training, school fees and recognition certificates awarded to stakeholders who played role in enhancing quality education.

Those awarded include 25 best performing rural women teachers who were recognized for their incredible performance, exhibiting moral ethical and teamwork.

Each one of the 25 best performing rural women teachers is awarded a certificate and mobile phone.

Students, teachers and education officers who played role in reducing school dropouts and repetition rate.

Also awarded those who came up with technology used in keeping security, irrigation machines, ICT enabled white canes for visually impaired people, students groups that do craftsmanship and others.

In his welcome remarks, the State Minister in charge of primary and secondary school, Dr.Isaac MUNYAKAZI said that the Ministry of Education has for the first time identified best innovations and practices in Basic and TVET schools, given that the commitment of the Government of  Rwanda  is to promote innovations.

“To be highly competitive in the global market characterized by constant change in every sector of National economy, there is a need to promote creativity and innovations as the most important skills for the future,” he said.

He reiterated that government of  Rwanda ,through Rwanda National Research and Innovation Fund is committed to support the implementation of local innovations from young students and youth as well as research for development in the country.

“Innovations are critical in responding to the fourth industrial needs and today’s event can witness the possibility of achieving more in  Rwanda’s schools. The Ministry of Education highly appreciates the contribution of Private Sector and other Key Education stakeholders for their role in encouraging innovators through their support in providing today’s awards,” he added.

While closing the ceremony, the Minister of Education, Dr.Eugene Mutimura said that the Government of Rwanda through the Ministry of Education will continue to put in place mechanisms to encourage students, teachers, Head Teachers, Sector Education Inspectors and all education stakeholders to play a key role in promoting quality of teaching and learning in basic and tertiary Education

He noted that the event is important because it supports the Government of Rwanda mission to transform a Rwandan citizen into a skilled human capital for economic development.

“Today, we clearly see the value of our shift from knowledge-based curriculum to the competency-based curriculum through the results which we are witnessing today,” he said.

He emphasized that considering the upcoming technologies people are changing the way they live and the way we work.

“Therefore the future working trends are going to change, that will require that we change the way we teach so that we build skills and capacities of our students including capacities of our teachers so that they become more analytic in order to acquire the right skills that are going to transform our education sector from time to time,” he remarked.

We have embarked on a strong mission to identify and nurture talents at a young age. This practice of Awarding best innovators and best practices in the Education Sector shall certainly continue. It shall be an institutionalized culture on a regular basis every year, he added.