RP-IPRC Huye Women BBC retained the 2019 Legacy Tournament title

Saturday, November 09, 2019 at Kigali Arena, RP-IPRC Huye won the 2019 Legacy Tournament after various victories and having a difference of 14 points over other 3 teams that were in the Competition in Women category. It is the second time that the Club gains the trophy.

The 2019 Legacy Tournament gathered various teams in different categories. It took place from Wednesday, November 06 to Saturday, November 09, 2019. For Women, 3 teams participated in it namely RP-IPRC Huye BBC, The Hoops BBC and Ubumwe BBC. It is the second time that the tournament takes place since last year. It is prepared by UGB (United Generation Basketball) in partnership with Rwanda Federation of Basketball.

This Competition happens in order to remember two men, Championa Aimable and NIZEYIMANA Jean de Dieu, who founded the UGB and contributed a lot to the development of Basketball in Rwanda. Championa Aimable who died in 2004 was the Head Teacher (Director) of Lycée de Kigali (LDK) while NIZEYIMANA Jean de Dieu who died 2007 was the coach of Basketball in the same school.

Last year when Legacy Tournament was inaugurated, IPRC Huye won the trophy in Women category and this year of 2019 the team wins it again.

                  IPRC Huye won the trophy in Women category

The Principal of IPRC Huye, Maj. Dr. TWABAGIRA Barnabe, says that winning became as the culture for the College. Hence, there is a need of the abroad victory in the upcoming years.

“I think that people know that IPRC Huye Women Basketball Club is the best in the country. I knew already that we would win this 2019 trophy. Here, in IPRC Huye, are many cups brought by our girls. Winning this tournament was not an accident, it is something that turned into a culture for us and we are grateful. Now, we are looking for how we can participate in International competitions and we ensure that we shall do it as there are many who support us include Rwanda Polytechnic (RP).” Said Maj. Dr. TWABAGIRA Barnabe, the Principal

The Head Coach MUHIRWA RUKUNDO Jean Claude says that he is happy also to see that his team brought again the victory.  He mentions that he is appreciative for those who thought about this tournament and ensures that it serves a help for the good preparation of the next Championship Season.

Coach MUHIRWA RUKUNDO Jean Claude says that his team has more than 10 cups up to now and it is ready to bring more of them in IPRC Huye. For this Legacy tournament, he implores the preparatory group to increase at least the amount of the so-called transport facilitation, especially for the teams that come from areas far from Kigali.

Apart from winning the trophy, NZARAMBA Cecile, a player from RP-IPRC Huye Women BBC was recognized also as the most valuable player (MVP) of this 2019 Legacy Tournament.