Over 5000 graduated at IPRC Kigali

On this 23rd January 2020, at IPRC Kigali stadium, IPRC Kigali graduated 5628 candidates who pursued different short courses in IPRC Kigali and others who underwent the Recognition of Prior Learning Assessment.

 In his remarks, the vice Chancellor of Rwanda Polytechnic Dr. James Gashumba stressed that in future time will be difficult to be employed to people who don’t have certificates highlighting their professionalism.

 “In future, it will too difficult to get employed to those who don’t have any certificates which highlighting that they are professionalism’’ Dr. Gashumba said

Dr. Gashumba appreciated the graduands for their hard work and requested to work hard and play a role in development of the country as well as their families. He also respected the parterners’role in increasing Rwandan skills especially in TVET.

 The principal of IPRC Kigali Eng. Diogene Mulindahabi appreciated the candidates for their efforts in improving their skills and partners who joined in skills development include companies which participated in dual training in plumbing, public and private institutions such as RDF, FARG, RMB, KCB, STECOMA, Rwanda Garages Association, AEBTP, KCB Igire, NEP, RMB, Construction & Consultancy Ltd to name but a few.

The candidates have attended different short courses in different technological fields namely training in plumbing, Carpentry, Welding and Machine Tools, Electrical and Electronics, Automobile, Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration and Information and Communication Technology within the period of three months, four months, six months and one year of Academic year of 2018/2019. 429 trainees completed short courses while 13 trainees completed dual training in plumbing. Moreover, 5150  candidates have been assessed in their worl place through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).