RP appreciates the interventions from KOICA in promoting TVET sector in Rwanda

On 13th October 2020, the delegation from the Embassy of Korea led by Jongyun CHOI, Deputy Chief of Mission Councellor visited Rwanda Polytechnic to discuss about the effectiveness and the sustainability of KOICA's funded programs in TVET Sector including Rwanda TVET Trainer Institute (RTTI).

The Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Trainings, Institutional Development and Research Eng. Rita Clemence MUTABAZI thanked KOICA for its paramount role in supporting TVET Sector in Rwanda.

Some achievements from KOICA include: Supporting IPRC Kigali (capacity building, infrastructure development); building and equipping RTTI (Administration &training block as well as Hostel block of 60 self-contained rooms); developing TVET Trainer Certificate program course and in use; training 1784 TVET trainers and awarding TVET Trainer Certificate; 454 Training content(e-learning) Modules for L3,4 and 5 Curriculum have been developed; Curriculum development and validation at Level 6 and 7 to name but a few. Its upcoming projects include:  strengthening TVET competency-based curriculum development and implementation framework; enhancing TVET competency-based training and assessment implementation framework and improving the capacity of human resources in competency-based curriculum, training, and assessment.

During the discussions, both parties appreciated the achievements of the partnership which is promoting TVET in Rwanda as a key pillar to achieve to sustainable development goals.