Rulindo: School Managers were reminded that success lies on their presence

7th June 2019, marked the closing of the fifth phase of the Quality Education Enhancement Awareness Campaign that took place alongside the country.

After visiting different schools in Rulindo District, MINEDUC team in this campaign, made a presentation and shared to District Education officials, Sector Education Officers and school managers what they had seen during these two weeks of the campaign and urged the school managers that the students ‘success lies on their participation.

Dr. Andre MUHIRWA, Director of Teaching & Learning at University of Rwanda who was also the Team leader reminded head teachers that the success of the students as well as the school is based on their presence.  ‘‘If you fail in your leadership, how your teachers draw from you? How students can get success while not getting all needed to get success? Remember that if you manage the school well, you get success.’’   Dr. Muhirwa said.

 He also reminded them that the role of teachers is crucial in achieving quality education and asked them to do regular pedagogical visits and give advice to teachers to ensure the quality that is provided to Rwandan Children.

The 5th Phase of Quality Education Enhancement Awareness Campaign was prepared by the Ministry of Education in partnership with the Ministry of Local Government and its stakeholders with the theme ‘‘A Regular Present Teacher, With Good Pedagogical Practices is Key to Quality Education’’

The objectives of the Campaign were to advise Head teachers to supervise in-class teaching activities, to advise teachers to be present and punctual on duty, to advise teachers to plan and teach lessons respecting the Competence Based Curriculum Standards and to take measures to prevent issues of absenteeism, class repetition and school dropout.


Quality Education Enhancement Awareness Campaign Phase started on 27th May to 7th June 2019 and 841 schools from all districts were visited. At the end of this campaign, the team from MINEDUC congratulated the best practices and ones who didn’t perform well were urged to take measures to correct themselves.