TVET Sub- Sector National Meeting paved the way to increase the number of students in TVET Schools

On 19th July 2019, at Lemigo Hotel, the Minister of Education Dr. Eugene Mutimura officially opened a TVET Sub- Sector National Meeting with all Vice Mayors in Charge of Social Affairs, DEOs in charge of Secondary and TVET Schools and all TVET School Managers.

While opening the meeting, The Minister of  Education said that  the Ministry of Education convened the  meeting with the intension to discuss measures to improve access and quality in TVET schools, to discuss roles and responsibilities of TVET school managers, districts leaders and education officers on TVET schools management and accountability, to deliberate on strategies for effective and efficient management of TVET infrastructure, usage of teaching and learning materials including books, consumables and other resources, to clarify the strategies for effective, uniformity and standardization of comprehensive assessment in TVET schools and finally to discuss how strengthen accreditation and quality assurance measures to improve access and quality of TVET Education;


He further expressed that the Government of RWANDA has developed for TVET sub-sector a comprehensive policy framework and institutional, organization infrastructure for delivery of the TVET policy and accompanying strategy, as well as a National Policy on Workplace Learning to Prepare Rwandan Youth for Employment as highlighted in the new law establishing WDA and RP, where it specifies TVET institutional mandates, structures, roles and responsibilities and the focus of all these policy frameworks is for Rwanda to move towards a demand-driven, labor market-oriented system of training, with programmes producing the skills required in the world of work – employed and self-employed;


Some of the risen questions include insufficient TVET infrastructure, lack of accommodations to facilitate students from away from schools, a small number of students in TVET Schools, curricula which are not developed / updated and to name but a few and some of the resolutions were taken including: To review existing curricula and increase the notional learning hours of STEM subjects ,RTTI to provide Pedagogical and Technical ToT programs, RP and WDA to conduct Level 5 final Assessment for trainees at national level, in line with CBT/CBA standards, the Government of Rwanda , Development Partners , Districts to identify nesters for hostels constructions and dormitories, all TVET schools to be  proactive on the delivery of short term training , RP  to develop and disseminate Industrial attachment guidelines for effective implementation of TET Training  and RP to start in-house production of text books aligned to developed curricula.

The vice Chancellor of Rwanda Polytechnic Dr. James Gahumba said they try to take measure in transforming bad perception about TVET and make these schools be more attractive to young people

‘‘we intend to change the bad perceptions about TVET Schools and make these schools be more attractive especially in young Rwandans people and these will bring forth  a big number of students in TVET who are able to create their own jobs and promote the  economy of the country.’’ Dr. James Gashumba said